How long does it take for a booking to be confirmed?

For more information about hot-desks click here and for more information about meeting rooms/private offices, click here.



Almost all of out hot-desk booking are automatically approved, meaning that you will usually receive confirmation of your booking immediately.


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The day before your booking, you'll also receive a reminder email with a few tips on what to do on your arrival at the venue, Wifi details, etc.


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Meeting rooms and private offices

  • When you request a meeting room or private office, we have to check whether the space you are after is available and will get back to you as quickly as we can (usually up to two hours or so)

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  • Once we've confirmed whether the space is available, you'll receive an email letting you know whether you have secured it. You'll also receive a reminder email giving you some tips on what to do on your arrival at the venue and Wifi details etc.

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It's also possible to cancel your booking, as long as you do so more than 24 hours before it is due to take place. For more information, click here.


If you'd like more information, reach out to or come on our live chat and a member of our team will be happy to help.